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James and the Giant Peach Show Packet

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All proceeds will benefit the Highlands Middle and High School Theatre Department. Thank you for showing your support!

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This year the Cast & Crew Gift is sponsored by SRO to ensure that each student gets a memorable keepsake for this show. If you have more than one child involved in this show, please specify the corresponding quantity (e.g. enter a quantity of 2 for 2 of your children involved in the show), to ensure that each one of your children gets a gift.

Shout-out rates below are intended for cast and crew personal shout-outs only. If you are interested in advertising as a business, please visit our corporate sponsorship page. 

Description Options Price Quantity
Show DVD $12.00
Hoodie Youth Large $22.00
Hoodie Adult Small $22.00
Hoodie Adult Medium $22.00
Hoodie Adult Large $22.00
Hoodie Adult XL $22.00
Hoodie Adult XXL $22.00
Cast & Crew Gift - Sponsored by SRO $0.00
Contribution to Directors' Gifts
  1. 5.00
  2. 10.00
  3. 15.00
  4. 20.00
  5. 25.00
  6. 30.00
  7. 35.00
  8. 40.00
  9. 45.00
  10. 50.00
Shout-Out Full Page $115.00
Shout-Out Half Page $65.00
Shout-Out 1/4 Page $35.00
Season Supporter : Producer $250.00
Season Supporter : Director $150.00
Season Supporter : Stage Manager $100.00
Season Supporter : Cast & Crew $50.00
Season Supporter : Friend $25.00