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Become a Season Supporter

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Season Supporter of our theatre program. Please choose from one of the levels below. Season Supporter term is valid from September 1st 2018 through August 31st, 2019.

Standing Room Only Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit boosters organization for Highlands Theatre and donations are tax-deductible for federal tax purposes. Support levels outlined below are intended for individual donors. If you are interested in Season Sponsor opportunities as a business, please visit our corporate sponsorship section


Support level Amount Name in program Free Ticket Vouchers (use anytime) Free concession vouchers Shoutout in program  
Friend $25 Yes 1 1 No Sign Up
Cast & Crew $50 Yes 2 2 No Sign Up
Stage Manager $100 Yes 4 2 No Sign Up
Director $150 Yes 6 2 No Sign Up
Producer $250 Yes 6 2 1/4 page Sign Up


Please, direct questions to the SRO Sponsorship chair David Veshapidze